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  • Integrated with ASP.NET routing engine and work with ASP.NET WebForm 3.5/4.0, ASP.NET MVC 2.0/3.0 and Azure web applications
  • Organize resource files, including JavaScript and CSS, into separate resource sets with various configuration settings
    • Combres config file is monitored by Combres so that changes get noticed and applied immediately.
    • Resource files can be static or dynamically generated resources in the same web application, or resources from external servers or web applications.
    • Manage version number of resource sets by automatically detect changes and change version so that the browser & server cache can be invalidated. If you want to control version numbers yourself, you can do that too.
  • Allow files in resource sets to be combined, minified, and compressed (either gzip or deflate, depending on your browser) before sending to browser. All is done using 1 single HTTP request per resource set. (Refer to Yahoo's performance rules #1, #4 and #10 to know why this is useful.)
  • Extensible minification architecture. Developers can choose to turn off minification for a resource set or select among the built-in minification adapters for .NET YUI Compressor library, Microsoft Ajax Minifier library, and Google Closure compiler service. Developers can also configure all aspects of a minifier adapter via XML file. And if necessary, you can always develop and use your own minifier (only need to register it with the XML data file).
  • Generate proper ETag and Expires/Cache-Control headers for every response as well as support server-side caching. (Refer to Yahoo's performance rules #3 and #13 to know why this is useful.)
  • Support Debugging mode, which won't cache or minify contents at all to facilitate debugging. Version 2.0 introduces no-Combres-pipeline debug mode which further facilitates debugging by not applying any Combres step at all (instead, resources will be served as usual via CSS as though there's no Combres).
  • Extensibility filtering architecture allowing developers to intercept many key points during the Combres' pipeline. Anyone can easily add more functionality to the Combres engine by writing a custom filter.

Note: Combres can be deployed via NuGet.

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