Extensibility + Coffeescript

Jun 18, 2011 at 10:05 AM

Hi guys,

I was wondering given that we can extend combres how difficult would it be to add a coffeescript compiler step into the pipeline??

I think something like the extension would look for a file with a .coffeescript extension and then compile it inline to a file with a .js extension.

Combres could then continue from there as normal with the compiled JS files, i.e. with the normal combres config.

e.g. Customers.coffeescript => Customers.js 




Jun 18, 2011 at 5:46 PM
Edited Jun 18, 2011 at 11:07 PM

Yes it could be done i think, if you set the .coffe file in a javascript resourceset and create a filter that watch file extension it can compile .coffe into a .js and replace file path. i think that could be easy to do. Also, you can use a new attribute in resource tag when specifing .coffe like          <resource path="~/js/cafescript.coffescript" compileCoffeScript="true" />, but the extension convention is enought.

Jul 11, 2011 at 11:41 PM

I just wanted to say that I think this would be a very nice feature indeed.

Jul 14, 2011 at 9:20 AM

Good idea.  As braian87b said, a filter should work.  It would be great if someone can contribute a patch for this.

Jul 14, 2011 at 10:03 AM

saasandcoffee from paul betts is a httpmodule that compiles saas and coffeescript. But its core compiler can be used seperately. 

in terms of combres then, all we would need is a way of hooking that in... 


Mar 11, 2014 at 12:48 AM

We are using combres for js and css in our project, now Saas is very famous and heavily used we want this feature where all Saas file automatically compile and converted to compressed Css ,otherwise thinking of changing library or might build it(if have sufficient time).

So anyone is working on this functionality ? if yes when this will be available ?

Thanks in advance.